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University-Wide Student Programs

FMC Graduate Fellowships


FMC Awards

The FMC Educational Fund provides students with opportunities for advanced education and research, particularly in engineering and business.  FMC Fellowships are awarded to outstanding graduate students, with preference given to candidates for a Masters in Business Administration, Engineering, or related fields.  Ph.D. candidates are also eligible to apply.  Awards range from $12,000 to $20,000 each.


Selection Process

Candidates for FMC fellowships may be nominated by program advisers, department heads, or other faculty at the three University of Illinois campuses.  The following materials are assembled for each nominee by the Graduate College (UIC and UIUC) or by the Office of Academic Affairs (UIS) and forwarded to the office of University-wide Student Programs.

  1.    Graduate College Rating Form (UIUC); Notice of Graduate Admission (UIC & UIS)
  2.    Application for Graduate Appointment
  3.    Three Letters of Recommendation
  4.    Student's Background Statement/Essay
  5.    Academic Transcripts

Upon receipt of the above materials, winners will be selected by a committee, which includes a representative of FMC Corporation, a representative of the University of Illinois Foundation, and a representative of the University of Illinois.  The committee anticipates completing the 2015-2016 selection process by May 2015. 


The deadline for submission of the appropriate materials by the campuses to the office for University-Wide Student Programs will be in February, 2015.  Each campus establishes its own deadlines and procedures for gathering nominees. Please contact your Graduate College (Urbana | Chicago | Springfield) for additional information on deadlines and the application process.


History of the Fund

The FMC Educational Fund was originally established as the Link-Belt Educational Fund on February 15, 1963, when University of Illinois alumnus Bert A. Gayman donated 10,000 shares of Link-Belt Company common stock to the University of Illinois Foundation.  Gayman, a native of Champaign, Illinois, received a degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Illinois in 1897.  He spent his entire career with the Chicago-based Link-Belt Company.  Mr. Gayman retired in 1943 as president of the company's Pacific division and member of the board of directors.  He was a life member of the Art Institute of Chicago, a member of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, and past president of the California Metal Trades Association. 

 In 1965, a three-for-two stock split increased the number of fund shares to 15,000.  Two years later, Link-Belt was merged into FMC Corporation, and the name of the scholarship fund was changed to reflect the merger.  In 1984, $1.5 million was transferred to the fund when a stock buy-back plan was instituted by FMC. 


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Prior year FMC Fellowship recipients

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University-wide Student Programs
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